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Inkle Weaving Pictures

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All the pictures from this page (except where noted) are scans of the actual inkle. I mean, I really placed the strip of inkle weaving directly on my flatbed scanner and scanned it. The "except where noted" ones are scans of photos because I am no longer in posession of those pieces (seems I give away more than I keep).

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see construction photos of a vest I made with inkles.

If you click on any of the thumbnails, you'll get the full-size picture. The size of each of the pictures is at the end of the descriptions.

Inkle Weaving with Beads
This was an interesting piece to do. On a separate weft of sewing thread, I strung up a bunch of beads. As I passed my regular weft, I also passed the weft containing the beads and dropped a bead at each pass. (27K)
Black and Gold Design
The gold in this piece is actually a bundle of ten (10) strands of a flat foil-covered polyester that is very light weight and durable. The black is a 16/2 cotton. (30K)
Black and Gold Design on the Loom
This is the same black and gold as the one above. This is a scanned photo of how it looked while it was on the loom. (37K)
Middle Kingdom Brocade Design
This piece was woven using 10/2 cotton. I wanted to try doing a brocade so I chose the badge of the SCA's Middle Kingdom. The green design is a dragon (in case you can't tell <g>). (35K)
Celtic Knotwork Design
This is one of two pictures of this Celtic Knotwork design. The colors are better in this picture. This was woven using 8/2 cotton. (29K)
Back and Front view of Celtic Knotwork Design
This second picture of the Celtic Knotwork design (scanned from a photo) shows both the front and the back of the design. (38K)
My First Inkle
I just had to put this one in here. This was the very first inkle I ever wove. Some day, I want to make it into a strap for a bag that my loom will fit into. It took me a day to do this first one. (38K)
Laurel Leaves in Tow Linen
This is one of two laurel leaf designs I have on this page. This one was done using heavy tow linen. (34K)
Laurel Leaves Design
This scanned photo of the laurel leaf design was the first time I did it. This one was done using 22/2 cotton. (35K)
Lozengy Design
Here is a scanned photo of a design done with 20/2 cotton. The diamond shapes are known, in heraldic terms, as "lozengy". (31K)
Purple Silk
This particular inkle is done with single ply (size 10) silk. The purple part of the design was dyed by me using logwood. (25K)
Twisted Thread Design
This is one of my favorite patterns to weave because is goes so fast for me and looks good. I like to do this one for gifts. This is done in 8/2 cotton. (28K)
Tablet Woven Design
This one isn't inkle weaving. This is a tablet woven design but I thought I'd put it in here too. (34K)

Vest constructed of inkle bands

Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version of the image

Picture of the whole vest.

Picture through the armhole.

Hand-sewn hemline.

Back of vest showing butt-sewn inkles.

Close-up of the braided tie.

Inside and outside of hemline.

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