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Inkle Weaving Patterns

Many people have emailed requests for my inkle patterns. I will be compiling all my patterns as I can make time for it.

Click on the thumbnail size of the design to see a larger version open in a separate browser window. To save the larger image, right-click on the image. Select "Save Picture As..." and save it to a place on your hard drive. From there, you can print it and use it. You may also print directly from the web page.

Here's the first desgin I've managed to convert to an electronic form. I'll try to get more up here as soon as I can. If you have inkle patterns you'd like to include, email an electronic version to me and I'll put it on this page with your name and contact information, if you wish.


Celtic Knotwork

Click on the image to the left to see the larger version of the design.

This is a "pick up" design. Warp it as per the instructions for pick-up on the spotted background. The black squares in the design are the threads to be picked up or left up. The white squares are threads to be dropped or left down. All the squares represent the pattern threads, not the background threads. If you're looking at the pick-up on the spotted background instructions, the squares in this pattern represent the X's in the instructions.

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