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Inkle Weaving Resources

The lists below are far from being comprehensive yet. Your feedback will expand this page so that others can benefit from the collective inkle weaving knowledge. If you know of resources that should be on this page (books, videos, websites, newsgroups, etc.) click on the "Contact Us" link above and submit the information.



Tornadowood Inkle Looms


NCWood Table and Floor looms

Dancing Hummingbird

Dancing Hummingbird (Lot's of links here)

Snail Trail Hand Weavers

Snail Trail Hand Weavers


Elizabeth's Fiber & Yarn Inkle looms and fibers


Books, Magazines, Catalogs

A magazine for weavers. Mostly, this magazine is geared toward weaving fabric on fabric looms but there are periodic references to tablet and inkle weaving. The ads are a good resource for fibers. The magazine is available on magazine racks of larger bookstores and comes out bi-monthly. The Jan/Feb '96 issue had a couple of articles with projects using inkle bands.

Unicorn Books and Crafts, Inc.
1338 Ross Street
Petaluma, CA 94954-6502
(707) 762-3362

  • Glimåkra Belt Loom (non-continuous warp)
  • Books
  • Yarns
  • Fabric Looms & Accessories
  • Spinning Wheels & Accessories
  • Lacemaking Supplies & Accessories

Earth Guild
33 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Full catalog $2

  • Weaving
  • Beading
  • Rug making
  • Spinning
  • ...and LOTS more

TWIST (Table Weavers' International Studies and Techniques)
(Formerly TWINE: Tablet Weavers International News Exchange)

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