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Assembling Inkle Bands





The Loom










Inkle looms can be used to make belts, sashes, straps, trim, etc. Most of us in the SCA have seen these uses. However, you can also assemble the strips to make wider pieces of fabric. I've only done this once so far. I wove several strips and assembled them into a vest. Strips can also be assembled into table runners, rugs, cloaks, pouches, placemats, and so on.

I've made a vest and you can see pictures of it and its construction in the photo gallery.

To assemble the strips lay the strips down on a table side by side with their selvedge edges touching. Hopefully, your weaving has progressed to the point where you can see that the edges are straight and the rows are consistent. You should be able to line up the two strips so that their rows meet at the selvedge edges. Using a tapestry needle (a needle with a blunt point) and the same thread that you used for the warp at the borders (make your joining borders the same color), pass the thread side to side into the rows of the weaving to join the strips. Slide the needle into the row of one band, out the selvedge edge, into the selvedge edge of the next strip, through the row (about four warp threads in), down to the next row, through that row, out through the selvedge edge, into the selvedge edge of the other strip, and so on, zig-zagging your way down the length of the strip.

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