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Finishing the Inkle Band





The Loom










First cut the weft leaving about six to eight inches. You can either just leave that length of weft hanging and incorporate it into the finishing treatment or tuck it under with the rest of the trimmed ends (if you're sewing it onto some other object as trim.

If you need to have a raw edge and you don't want it to ravel, thread that hanging wft onto a tapestry needle and weave it back into the last two or three rows of weaving to secure it. This is an excellent technique for making items such as bookmarks.

To remove the band from the loom you need to cut it. I cut about an inch away from the heddles. I've found that if I cut further away than that, the threads can get caught in the heddles and I just have a mess. With only one inch of thread to pass through the heddles, they don't get tangled. Once the band is off the loom, put away the heddles so that you can use them in your next project. At this point you may finish the ends of the band. If it is to be a piece of trim, you do not need to finish the ends, other than possibly tying a knot to prevent unraveling before using. Note: Remember to prewash any inkle strips to be used on garments to make sure they get pre-shrunk. To shrink an inkle strip, place it inside a knee-high nylon or old panty hose (or a lingerie bag), tie a knot in the end of the nylon and toss it in the washer and dryer with your laundry.

If the band is to be a belt or a sash or some other item where the ends will be a part of that finished item, you need to finish them. Macramé is a popular finish to the ends as are various forms of braids and wraps. You can even choose to hang beads and bells from these ends.

Congratulations, you now have your first completed inkle woven band!

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